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Yes, PCS is capable of converting almost any material. We specialize in converting and building components made from difficult to handle materials. Whether it's very thin, difficult to cut, or hard to handle, PCS has solutions for it.
Yes. PCS routinely assists customers in selecting, testing and validating new materials for their specific applications. We have a broad supplier network from where we can source custom material constructions and materials with unusual spec requirements.
Yes. PCS has a robust Design For Manufacture (DFM) process wherein we evaluate our customers' product designs for the manufacturability and cost effectiveness. We help you design a product that meets your specifications and that you can confidently take to market.
PCS runs both "high-volume / low-mix" and "high-mix / low-volume" production on precision multi-layered components.

On the high side, PCS runs precisley laminated, multi-layered components in the MILLIONS of units PER DAY.

PCS also runs bespoke products in quantities that might range from a few hundred to a few thousand per month.
Yes. PCS works with multiple accredited third part laboratories to perform standard analytical tests such as LPC, HPS, DHS, FTIR, SEM-EDX, ROHS, and more. We do laboratory testing on raw materials and finsihed products.

PCS also provides testing services specific to customers' applications. We work with you to develop tests that ensure quality at the source of your components.
Yes. PCS provides custom surface coatings and treatments on precision components such as hydrophilic, hydrophobic and others.
PCS can design, build in implement laboratory or factory automation for the components we provide you. Whether you require dispensing, placement, handling, or other processing automation, PCS can provide the solution. PCS has hundreds of automated handling systems for its components in the field today.
We build ALL manufacutring equipment tooling in house... A one-stop shop. Many production lines we run are custom designed and built for specific customer products. We also have flexible lines that can be rapidly adapted to support any new product.

Since we build and maintain all of our tooling in house, we have minimum downtime and cost in qualifying, maintaining and modifying tooling.
No. PCS is strictly a "Build-To-Print" manufacturing service provider. We partner with our customers and operate as an extension of their own operations, providing the highest quality components at the highest value.
Yes. PCS is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified.
Yes. PCS ships to customers anywhere in the world.

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